Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, September 2023, Pages 1-370 
The Transition from Conventional Methacrylate Based Composites to Ormocer Based Composites: A Review of Literature

Pages 40-50

Omar Abd El-Maksoud; Hamdi Hosni Hamdan Hamama; Ramy Ahmed Wafaie; Noha El‑Wassefy; Salah Hasab Mahmoud

Implications of Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: A Review

Pages 56-62

Mohammad Abdelhamid; Mohamed Abdel-Monem Tawfik; Hamdy Abdelmegeed Marzook; Eman Abdel Salam Yousef

Different Modalities For Treatment Maxillary Free End Saddle : Preliminary 12-Month Randomized Clinical Trial

Pages 63-76

Ahmed Mahmoud El Haron; Osama Mohammed Raouf Askar; Wael Said Ahmed; Moustafa Abdou Elsyad

Bucco-adhesive drug delivery systems

Pages 87-94

Ayatallah A. Taelab; Heba I. Elagamy; Ebtessam A. Essa

Role of Metaproteomic in the Investigating Marine Life

Pages 95-99

Esraa Elsaeed; Shymaa Enany; Samar Solyman; Mohamed Shohayeb; Amro Hanora

Structural Behavior of Corroded R.C. Beams Contained Nano-Silica

Pages 197-208

Ahmed Ibrahim Marawan; Ahmed Saeed Debaiky; Ahmed Hassan Abd El-Kareem

A Comprehensive Overview of Power Domain NOMA in 5G

Pages 209-218

Mariam Abu Al-Atta; Walid Raslan; Karim A. Said; Mohamed A. Mohamed

Optimal Spacing and Grouping Recommendations for Transmission Line Systems

Pages 219-230

Mohamed Hanie Awadeen; Ahmed Amin Ghaleb; Mohammed Naguib Abou El-Saad

An implementation of a Smart System based on Deep Learning for Pneumonia Infection Detection

Pages 277-286

Hesham A. Ali; Rana Osama; Raneem Mohamed; Esraa Mahmoud; Samia M. Abd-Alhalem; Ali E. Takieldeen