Adverse effects of MSG and aspartame on the liver of Female Albino Rats and their offspring and the possible ameliorative role Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit

Document Type : Original research papers


1 Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Delta University for Science and Technology, Egypt

2 Zoology Department, faculty of Science, Damanhour University

3 Zoology Department, faculty of Science, Mansoura University


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame are the most food addaitives allover-the world. Prolonged xposure to the two additives results in several adverse effects on the differnet body organs. Recently, natural palnts and their fruits are considered as a new medical approach for alleviating of many diseases. In the curunt work we attempt to evaluate the possible ameliorative role of Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit against adverse effects of MSG and aspartame on the liver of mother’s rats and their offspring. 36 pregnant rats were used in these studies, they were classified into 6 groups(six for each); control, MSG, aspartame, MSG+ Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit, Aspartame+ Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit and MSG+Aspartame + Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit. At the end of weaning (21 day postnatal), the mothers rats and and their pups were sacrificed, the blood was collected and the whole liver was removed to investigate the histopathological and biochemical changes induced in the liver. The obtained results revealed severe histopathological signs in the liver of MSG and aspartame supplemented mother’s rats and their pups, these signs included dilated hepatic sinosoids, dialted central veins, pyknotic hepatocytes and presence of multiple Kupffer cells. Also, remarkable apoptosis appeared in the hepatocytes that indicated by strong expression of P53 and weak expression for Bcl-2. An obvious increase in the liver enzymes (ALT&AST) and caspase-3 but significant decrease in the levels of antioxidants (SOD&CAT) were observed in MSG and aspartame supplemented mother’s rats and their pups. Suppelementaion of Opuntia ficus-indica Fruit juice was successfully ameliorated the deleterious histopathological and biochemical alterations induced by MSG and aspartame. This amelioration was mainly attributed to the vital phytochemical and antioxidant nutrients in this fruit.


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