Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 1-421 
Main Subjects
Comparison of PPPH MATLAB based program vs Online GNSS Services

Pages 1-7

Mahmoud El-Mewafi; Ahmed zaki; Ashraf G. Shehata; Mariem A. Elhalawani

Investigation of Utilizing Bacteria to obtain Self-Healing of Invisible Cracks in Mortar

Pages 8-30

Islam M. Riad; Ahmed A. Elshami; Mohamed M. Yousry Elshikh; Khaled Abu el-hassan; Khaled Al Bayomi

Experimental research on composite deck bridges with encased steel beams

Pages 31-38

Mohamad Al Ali; Vincent Kvočák; Daniel Dubecký; Anatoliy V. Alekseytsev

Performance Analysis in Software Defined Network (SDN) Multi-Controllers

Pages 181-192

Mohamed M. Elmoslemany; Adly S. Tag Eldien; Mazen M. Selim

Low Cost MEMS accelerograph: structure, operation and application to seismology

Pages 193-204

Ramadan Madi Ali Bakir; M. S.M. Elksasy; Mahmoud Sami Salam; Mohamed Sabry Saraya; Mohamed M. Abdelsalam

Renewable Energy Resources Modeling Survey

Pages 225-235

Ahmed A. Abdullah; Tarek M. Hassan; Bassant Mohy Eldin

Development of Autonomous Table Tennis Ball Retrieving Robot

Pages 247-254

Zyad Essam; M. K.A.Ahamed Khan; Wei Hong Lim; Chun Kit Ang; Manicam Ramaswamy; Sridevi Sridevi; Deisy Deisy; Abdul Qayyum

Removal of Methyl orange (MO) from aqueous solution by bimetal-organic frameworks (Cux-Cr100-x–MOF): Kinetics and isotherms studies

Pages 266-277

Reda S. Salama; Sohier. A. El-Hakam; Salem. E. Samra; Shady. M. El-Dafrawy; Amr Awad Ibrahim; Awad I. Ahmed

New View for Volterra Integral Equation

Pages 278-291

I. L. EL-Kalla; M. Nayle; Reda Abdo Abd-Elmoem; Marwa Shehata

Biomimicry as a Turning Point in Reducing COVID-19 Infection

Pages 308-319

Mai Madkour; Azza ElSakka; Ola Marouf; Esraa Gomaa; Marwa Kamar

Identification of Transformer Oil incipient Faults Based on the Integration between Different DGA Techniques

Pages 412-421

Sayed Abo El-Sood Ward; Shimaa A. Ibrahim; Adel EL-Faraskoury; Diaa-Eldin A. Mansour; Mohamed Badawi