Future Perspective for Developing EFL Teachers in Egypt

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Tanah Gamasa\ International road


The article focuses on contemporary perspectives in psycholinguistics that EFL teachers need to develop in order to teach effectively. A perspective explains much on how EFL teachers implement their teaching. These perspectives include: (1) Knowing how language is acquired to teach the language effectively; (2) being aware that what is known about learning in general may be different for learning EFL; (3) holding specific beliefs about learning EFL influence the teaching of EFL; and (4) teaching is assessed by EFL by looking at teachers attitudes about teaching and learning. Much research has been developed in line with what is effective in teaching in general. There is also a growing body of literature suggesting a variety of classroom strategies, techniques, and methods that promote better learning for students specifically in learning English as a Foreign Language.
Given the perspectives, recommendations are provided for EFL teachers. Moreover, showing the most common strategies of professional development for EFL and technology teachers and revealing if the specialty, gender and academic levels affect adaptation of these strategies.


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