Techniques for Gingival Depigmentation: The merits and demerits

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Department of Periodontology and Oral medicine ,faculty of Dentistry,Delta university for science and technology


A charming smile is determined not only by the alignment and the color of the teeth but also by the gingival health and appearance. The pigmentation of the gingiva is considered to be unaesthetic by many patients, and it may have a psychological impact on them.Pigmentation is contributed by-products of the physiological process and/or pathological diseases, and conditions. Melanin pigmentation results from melanin granules which are produced by melanocyte cells. Furthermore, environmental risk factors such as tobacco smoking contribute to the gingival hyperpigmentation in both active and passive form. Ethnicity and age also influence the color of gingiva and has no sexual predilection.Although a wide array of depigmentation methods are available to manage this condition, there is a shortage of literature which guides clinicians to select the most appropriate technique. Hence, the aim of this review is to emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages of the available depigmentation therapeutic modalities.


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