The Effect of Virtual Leadership Practices on Work Engagement During Covid-19

Document Type : Original research papers


1 Business Administration Faculty of Business Administration, Delta University,Gamasa, Egypt

2 Faculty of Commerce, University of Sadat City, Egypt


Aims: The primary aim of this study was to examine the effect of virtual leadership practices (communication, trust, and coordination) on work engagement (Vigor, Dedication, and Absorption) during the Covid-19.
Study design: The research was applied to faculty members and the assisting body in Egypt, and the researchers used Google Drive forms in preparing the survey, then we available survey links on the Internet via (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo ... etc.) for 21 days. The convenience sample and snowball sample were relied upon, and the number of investigations valid for analysis was 224.
Results: The results found that some practices of virtual leadership had a significant effect on the dimensions of work engagement.
Conclusion: The results of this article can contribute to a virtual leadership perspective by relying upon it in the future, especially with the changes that occur in organizational life, including the spread of viruses such as Covid 19, which helps organizations succeed in achieving their goals.


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